Families seek justice for Serb victims in Kosovo

BELGRADE – The Association of Families of Kidnapped and Missing Persons in Kosovo-Metohija (KiM) presented on Tuesday to the Serbian War Crimes Prosecution the list of demands for legal actions to be taken against ethnic Albanian criminals they suspect of being responsible for the deaths and disappearances of their loved ones.
Illustration - Photo: svetisimeon.org
Illustration – Photo: svetisimeon.org
Members of the association staged a protest outside the Special War Crimes Court in Belgrade, and the representative of the families of persons kidnapped and gone missing in KiM Snezana Brankovic read out their message to the Special Prosecutor’s Office.
The families of missing persons expressed their disappointment with the results of investigations into the crimes against Serbs committed by the former ethnic Albanian paramilitary formation Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) in 1998/99.
“We are compelled to protest. We have submitted to the prosecutor’s office the names of the murdered and of the persons gone missing, along with the names of their kidnappers and murderers,” said Brankovic.
The families of abducted and missing Serbs demand from the prosecutor’s office to release the names of the criminals, the number of indictments issued, the number of persons investigated, and the number of cases that ended with judgments and convictions, she said.
The Serbian prosecutor’s office is also requested to receive a delegation of the Association by August 30, the International Day of the Disappeared.
On Monday, the Association placed posters with the names and photos of around 2,500 missing and murdered KiM civilians, soldiers and police officers, on the wall facing the Special Court.
The Dveri Movement voiced their support to the Association on Tuesday.
Dveri official Danilo Tvrdisic said that the movement will join the families in their fight for truth and justice, and assist them with the organization of joint events and gatherings.
Association President Simo Spasic pointed out that the fate of 530 KiM Serbs who have been missing for 16 years is still unknown.
The victims’ families have on several occasions submitted the list of names of the 300 kidnappers and murderers to ICTY but no legal actions was brought against any of them, he said.
Spasic stressed that families of the disappeared only seek justice and want the prosecutors and the courts to treat Serb victims in the same way as they treat ethnic Albanian or Muslim victims.”We cannot allow the Serbian prosecutor’s office to not bring charges against a single Albanian, be they an active politician or a proven criminal such as Sabip Chufljaji, of whom we have a photo holding the severed heads of two Serbs,” said Spasic, adding that Chufljaji’s name is on the list submitted to the Serbian Prosecutor’s Office and to ICTY.


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