Security agencies warn of possible terrorist attacks in Serbia

BELGRADE – Militants from the Islamic State (ISIS / ISIL), which in its five-year plan aims at subjugation of Serbia, at Kosovo and Sandzak area have recruited more than 20 people who are willing, at any moment, to lead a “holy war” and perform terrorist attacks, Serbian authorities were informed by foreign intelligence services.
Photo: Twitter
Two Western intelligence agencies delivered a warning with lists of suspects to Serbian authorities.
“Terrorists of Islamic State are in constant contact with supporters in Serbia, Bosnia and Montenegro, Albania and Macedonia. They were ordered to be ready for action,” the statement said.
Photo: Twitter“Death threats jihadi terrorist of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant sent in a letter to Serbs in the Serbian Embassy in Damascus were most likely sent by descended from the branch called “The Balkan brigade,” said Milovan Drecun, military-political analyst and a member of the Parliamentary Committee on Defense and Internal Affairs.
Drecun warned that the threats should be taken seriously because ISIL has the capacity to achieve them and added that the leader of this branch is from Kosovo, and his deputy is from central Serbia


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